Hey Captain! I had a wonderful time today and just wanted to extend my gratitude once again. Your boat is beautiful and your crew is amazing and knowledgable. I’m glad we found “that rock” and we hooked up on some good fish, especially the stripers, who woulda thought they would still be out? Anyways thanks once again and please tell the crew I said the same!

On behalf of the Hartford Vet Center and the Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans who were able to participate in the fishing trip this past Wednesday, I would like to offer a most appreciative “thank you.”

This was very generous of you, the volunteer crew, (and your boat) to offer this opportunity. Experiences like this are priceless as they do not only provide these veterans a chance to go and do something they might not otherwise do, but it gives them a sense of fun and excitement – while done in a small, intimate and safe group setting – that is so necessary for the healing journey.

We look forward to visiting again. Until then, be safe, enjoy the summer, and thank you so very much.

Captain Kathy Granfield has put together an amazing program to really help veterans with both physical and mental disabilities. The Peer Technicians at the Providence VAMC cannot wait until next year to get started again and neither can the veterans. I already have a long list of names that are waiting to experience Veteran Angler Charters for the first time or to have that relief for a few hours again.

Kathy…thank you so much for yesterday. It was a miraculous day for me. Being out on the water gave me such a sense of tranquility and serenity that I just can’t find on shore. So thank you again for your hospitality and kindness.

It was more therapeutic than 3 sessions with my doctor!

Thank you Veterans Anglers Charters for a lovely Fathers Day of fishing on the Black Mariah, with a great group of Vets. Can’t wait to do it again

This was outstanding, possibly the best therapy it could be…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, It has meant so much to my husband to go on this trip. Your kindness will never be forgotten. I can’t even describe the joy I see in Jack’s heart. When he was enjoying his bass I’m sure it added to the flavor knowing he caught it himself. Reeling it in was the toughest part, he says it weighed about twenty lbs.

This fishing expedition will be a story for Jack to tell his grandkids for the rest of his days and they will live to tell their kids and on and on! We want you to know how much pleasure you brought my Jackie and we love the big American Flags on your boat!!

Thanks a million!”

Our Vet Center is very appreciative for everything you have done for our returning Combat Veterans in which recreational and therapeutic fishing trips have provided a better insight for them to attain a positive outlook in supporting their desires of reintegrating with family, friends, and their society. 

Your charitable fishing ventures have provided many local Veterans with lifetime of memories, friendship, and teamwork.  The professionalism, passion, and skills of helping Veterans is well recognized as you and your Crew have expressed an interest in serving those who served. 

In closing, the therapeutic affect that your Veteran Angler Charters have provided is expressed through the Veterans as they are pleased toward what other have done for them.  We are great appreciative for all that you have done for our Veterans.  Keep up the great work.